Slaapstad Sizing Chart 

Have a look at the steps below to find out what size slipper will fit:

1. Sit or stand with your foot on a blank piece of paper.

2. Trace the outline of your foot on the paper.

3. Measure the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the longest point of your toes (it might not be your big toe).

4. If you trace both feet and one of your feet is slightly bigger, choose the larger measurement.

5. The best thing to do is to measure you foot and have a look at the sizing chart below.

Adult Slippers – UK Sizing

Our slippers are normal UK sizing. We advise ordering true to your shoe size as the slippers loosen with wear.

CM Size
22 CM Size 3
23 CM Size 4
24 CM Size 5
25 CM Size 6
26 CM Size 7
27 CM Size 8
28 CM Size 9
29 CM Size 10
30 CM Size 11
31 CM Size 12