About Us

Numerous times, Capetonians have heard other cities call us Slaapstad. Just because everything is a little bit slower and more relaxed. From this, an idea was born.

We decided to take this saying to a new level in a very fashionable and comfortable way. Why not give Capetonians a reason to relax, by throwing on a pair of our cozy and comfortable sheep wool slippers.

We take pride in providing quality products that are made with the special care and expertise that can’t be beaten, a product that our customers are truly satisfied with and made to a standard that can’t compare.

We are so excited to bring you this product as we know you will love it as much as we do!

Our Products

Our slippers are made from genuine South African Merino sheepskin that are tanned with care to ensure soft strong pliable skins. The wool is combed to make sure the wool is soft and fluffy.

We have numerous sizes to fit all Ladies, Men and Kids.

See the sizing chart to purchase the correct size for yourself.

Easy Slip-on Slippers

Fancy Slip-on Slippers

Adult Cosy Slipper

Kids Cosy Slipper